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Born 1972, Barcelona. Lives and works in Barcelona.


Anita has a Fine Arts Bachelor degree in painting from the University of Barcelona and a High Degree Top Technician of Printing and artistic Dyes. Anita has also completed a short course in children’s book illustration at the London Central Saint Martins College. Daughter of a catalan father and an Andalucian mother, she feels life is a pleasure for the small and beautiful things. Big hearted for animals and Mother Nature, which are evidently captured within her latest works.
She had exhibited throughout Europe and has sold the majority of her art worldwide. When she was living in London Anita was part of the Brent Artist Register. She also took part in Garfield Community Arts Project where she worked on a range of creative projects with children. Whilst living in London she was greatful to meet with the great artist Samantha Barnes from 1998 to 2005 via their mutual connection of Pond Galleries: “Her inspirations of town and landscape are evident in all her works, as is her love of colour, her art is refreshing and uplifting, and convey her unique talent of placement and line in a wonderfully naïve composition”.
Her art is influenced by the great artists such as Gustav Klimt, Tolouse-Lautrec, Basquiat, Piero di Cosimo(1500s) and many more due to her four years job position as a gallery warder at The National Gallery of London.
After the London period of painting fairy tale towns, she came back to Barcelona and started to paint a series of nudes and faces of women for the “Dones amb cor d´aigua” solo exhibition at Pou d´Art Gallery. She also taught screen-printing and worked as a freelance illustrator at Sales Magazine.
Currently she is living in Barcelona and you can find her studio at “Cap de Fang” association where she is painting and teaching visual art workshops.

2008-2011 Llotja Art and Design High School. Textile Art&Design High Degree Top Technician of Printing and artistic Dyes
1993-1998 Bachelor of Arts(Painting), Honours. Fine Arts University of Barcelona
1990-1993 Pupil of the painter Jesús Sánchez de Serdio Pera

2016 "Viles marineres, castells encantats, ciutats de conte" Cultural Centre, Saint Pol de Mar
2006 Alti Art Gallery, Barcelona
2005 "Dones amb cor d´aigua" Pou d´Art Gallery, Sant Cugat del Vallès
2004 Cote Jardin, Lille, France
2003 Pond Galleries, Clapham, London


2018 "Made in Sants" Casinet d´Hostafrancs, Barcelona
2017 Parallax Art Fair, London
2015 Sala Ramona, Barcelona
2010 “Azul" Espai Blanc, Llotja High School of Art and Design
2009 Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona
2005 Valentí Art Gallery, Vilanova i la Geltrú
2005-2002 Pond Galleries, London
2003 "Beautiful Day Exhibition" Arteutile, London
2002 The Affordable Art Fair, London
2002-2001 "Winter Open Exhibition" Brent Artists Register, Artist´s Gallery, London
2001 "Art Month 2001" Brent Artists Register, Artists Gallery, London
2001-2000 "Staff Art Exhibition" The National Gallery, London
2000 "We are History Makers" The Grange Museum of Community History, London
2000-1999 "A Passage into the Second Millenium" Brent Artists Register, Artists Gallery, London
1998 "Stp.Catwalk" Joan Morey performance collaboration, The Chapel, Barcelona
1998 "Pintors de la darrera generació de Belles Arts" Fine Arts University of Barcelona
1998 L´Escorxador Joan Maragall Cultural Centre, Sitges
1998-1997 Valentí Art Gallery, Vilanova i la Geltrú
1997 "Centenari d´Els 4 Gats", Barcelona
1997 "Yo maté a D.C.R" Artistic Group, Barcelona
1994 La Marineta Cultural Centre, Mollet del Vallès


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The London Pond Galleries Collection
Private collection, London, Samantha Barnes
Private collection, London, Thomas Albohm
Private collection, Lille, Éric Rudant
Private collection, Tulette, Bernard Vérin
Private collection, Barcelona, J.Martí Llahí
Private collection, Seville, P.Ruiz Roiz
Private collection, New Zealand, K.Jason Smith
Works held in private collections in the United States


2017 Cap de Fang Artistic Association, Barcelona
2007 Roquetes Youth Centre, Barcelona
2000-1999 Children Garfield Community Arts Project, London